Agency Survey System

Call center employeeThe purpose of the Agency Web Survey is to allow service providers to review information about their organizations maintained in our ReferNET customers' resource database files and submit updates to the information as necessary.

Service providers access the Agency Web Survey with a user name and password assigned by our ReferNET customers. An email containing the Agency Web Survey URL (web address) and the service provider's user name and password is sent to the service provider from the ReferNET software.

A service provider can access only his/her organization's information on the Agency Web Survey pages.

Service providers submit changes/updates on the Agency Web Survey pages. The submitted data is stored in a Survey database located on a RTM Designs web server or the customer's web server. The live ReferNET resource database file is not updated in this process.

Refer customers are notified via email that new survey data is available for review on the web. ReferNET customers access the Survey data via the Internet and apply the data, as appropriate, to the in-house ReferNET resource database. The live ReferNET resource file is then refreshed by the customer via an ftp file upload.

ReferNET customers can mark a provider's survey indicating the survey has been reviewed and processed. The survey information is archived and can be retrieved for later viewing.

Agency Survey Email Broadcast

The Agency Survey Email Broadcast application has two processes: 1) send an initial email to service providers based on the date set in the Provider database; 2) send up to three reminder emails to service providers that have not yet submitted an online agency survey.