Directory on CD

glasses on computer keyboardThe service provider resource database maintained your I&R organization is a valuable asset. There are hundred of business in your community that could use your resource database as a reference tool in order to assist their employees or customers who are in need of human service information.

CDirectory is a searchable version of your printed directory consisting of a copy of your resource database (or a data subset) coupled with a user-friendly computer interface. End-users locate service providers using Category, Service Keyword, and Agency/Program name searches.

The Directory on CD user interface is intuitive and easy to use for end-users with little or no computer skills and offers the same searching accuracy as all RTM Designs software systems. Internet Access IS NOT needed

Libraries, police, hospitals, medical centers, sports teams and for profit and non-profit companies are typical customers for the Directory on CD.

The Directory on CD Tool is an add-on module to all RTM Designs software systems and allows your organization to create unlimited distributable CD copies.

The Directory on CD creation tool offers these pre-distribution setup features:

  • Splash Screen Display: The starting "Splash Screen" of the Directory on CD is customizable (by you) with you organization's name, copyright information, and disclaimers and by font size, style, color, and orientation.
  • Set an expiration date: (1 year, 9, 6, 3 or 1 month, or no limit) from the time of installation. This option is great for prompting renewals.
  • Customize the User-Interface: Functions and appearance in the distributable user interface can be customized such as search preference, ability to print, the use of filters for searching and more.
For security, your distributable resource database is secured and cannot be opened by any program. The data can only be viewed with the Directory on CD user interface.