The ReferWEB Difference

What sets ReferWEB apart from the rest?

In one word, accuracy makes ReferWEB the product choice for helping your clients find needed services via the web.

Senior couple searching the web ReferWEB utilizes sophisticated search logic to return an accurate list of service providers targeted specifically to the person requesting services. When the user enters their zip code or city, the displayed service provider will serve the area entered. If the user enters their age and gender, the service provider will serve their age and gender. Any additional information entered by the user will also filter out service providers not meeting the search criteria. The displayed list of service providers will be accurate. To help the user further, the list of service provider are also be listed by proximity to the user.

Referweb matchlist page Many other search engines display all service providers that offer the service selected by the user, whether or not the service provider actually serves the user's ZIP code or city. Many also use text searches to find service providers. For example, food is entered as the search criteria therefore all service providers that have the word "food" in any text are displayed, including the providers with the phrase "offer no food services".

"Why display thirty service providers when only eleven actually available to the person seeking help?"

ReferWEB's accuracy helps those in need find the services available to them.