Frequently Asked Questions

How long has RTM Designs been designing I & R software?
RTM Designs was formed in 1994 specifically for the purpose of producing advanced I&R software solutions. Our first Refer product was released in 1996.
Where are you located?
Our home office is located in Hendersonville, NC. Our technical support team and development staff is located at our Anderson, SC facility.
What are your technical support options?
Full technical support is available at no additional charge with the ReferNET System. Technical support is available by calling RTM Designs 8:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time, Mon-Friday. A 24 Hour helpline is also available for after-hours and weekend support.
Do you provide training?
Yes, RTM Designs offers on-site training for our ReferNET systems for an additional one-time charge per session. training sessions last 1 to 3 days depending on the organization's needs.
Our organization currently uses another system. Can our data be converted for use in ReferNET?
Yes, RTM Designs regularly converts data for customers upgrading to ReferNET from other I&R Systems.
How long does it take to get up and running with ReferNET?
Much of the time involved in getting started with ReferNET depends on the customer's work on preparing data for conversion and checking converted data before going live with the ReferNET system.
What are the system requirements to run the ReferNET system?
Because ReferNET uses RDP technology, no more is required than necessary to access the internet. For more information on RDP, (click here)
What operating systems are supported?
We recommend Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or later with Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5
Does ReferNET run on Mac systems?
Yes, you will need to install the RDP client for Mac in order to run ReferNET. To get the RDP client for Mac, (click here)
What speed internet connection do I need to run ReferNET?
RTM Designs recommends a 1.5 mb download speed.
Does RTM Designs offer a Refer product that can be hosted on our local servers?
Yes, RTM Designs offers a locally hosted version of our Refer system for customers unable to use our centrally hosted system.
What components make up the ReferNET System?
The complete ReferNET System includes The Refer Call Center System, ReferWEB Public Access Website, ReferWEB Reports, and the Agency Survey System. Optional components that may be integrated with your ReferNET system are the ReferONE Emergency Management System, ReferDSI Service provider Interface, and the Directory on CD module.
How much does ReferNET cost?
ReferNET is the most advanced and affordable system available. Pricing varies depending on call volume, number of organizations in network, number of users, and number of resources in database. Call RTM Designs at (888) 933-5052 for a price quote.
Does the annual service fee for ReferNET include a license for the taxonomy?
No, each agency must purchase a license for the taxonomy separately.